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Safe and dependable shelter continues to be a challenge at the orphanage. Much progress has been made by replacing leaking roofs, expelling bats from the attic, and providing bamboo beds and mosquito nets. 

The current children's building is over 40 years old. The tin roof was repaired two years ago to prevent leaking, however the integrity of the trusses and roof system have been compromised due to termites, bats, and prolonged water damage. 

Workers are available at and around the orphanage and an engineer as inspected the roof and is providing recommendations and estimates. Now it's our turn...will you pray for funds to assist in placing a safe roof over the heads of 60 children while they eat and sleep? 


The Haller Orphanage shares the Hope of Christ with every child that walks through their doors. The Bible is taught and the kids are discipled by the local pastor both at the orphanage and the church.

As the children learn how to read, we want each of them to have their own Bible. Will you support us in this effort and donate $10 towards a Bible in the KiKongo language for a child?



During the past three years, a large focus for the orphanage has been on sustainable food production. With the help of Tom & Toot Nesbit in Ohio, the orphanage is using a tractor to plow fields for various crops. A kitchen vegetable garden has been restored and with Gary Haller's persistence and the help of the older children, the garden is producing nutritious treats. 

Several Congolese supporters have seen the need and the progress being made and have contributed as well, bringing cows, pigs, and chickens.

Will you help fund seeds, equipment, and trees to restore the fields and garden to a self-sustaining resource for the orphanage and surrounding village? Will you visit to help teach agricultural processes, permaculture, and more?

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We are currently working on improving the KITCHEN (seen to the left). Providing meals for 60 children each day can be daunting, but doing it with minimal resources, over a fire, under a thatched roof,  is an even greater challenge for caregivers.

Do you love to cook? Do you volunteer in your church's kitchen or make delicious meals for your family? If you do, then you can better understand why a clean, safe food prep space is important. Providing support means the best quality food available in a clean and safe environment.

Will you, your family, your sunday school class, or your church's hospitality group, please pray about helping to provide a clean and safe kitchen for the orphanage?

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In the states we often have more than we need and likely more than we want. But at the Haller Orphanage, the kids will truly "wear-out" their clothes before newer ones can be obtained. 

More recently, several church ladies made dozens of pillowcase dresses for the girls and sent generous amounts of boys clothing. How might you help? We've found that sending clothes is too expensive, but sending funds for the older children, like Ontos (seen on the Haller Orphanage Facebook Page), to make clothes provides a job and income while meeting a need. 

Soon, we hope to have a SHOE campaign to aquire "shoes-that-grow" ( for the children that will truly last and protect the childrens feet from injury and ringworm.

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Education is expensive in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Students of all ages must pay for their supplies and testing to advance to the next level. Without payment, there is little to no education. The orphanage pays for the educational expenses of the children that are entrusted to their care. As donations are received, then tuition is paid for and tests are completed. 

Would you like to sponsor a child's semester or even year of school? Would you like to help an older child learn a trade or go on to a college or university. Several have done this and the results can only be contributed to God - a doctor - a nurse - an agricultural student - an administrator - a pastor. 

How is God calling you to invest in the future of an orphan?

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