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We say "THANK YOU!" Thank you for praying first. Thank you for opening your heart to how you might give. Thank you for following through with whatever God lays on your heart. 

We are not a fundraising organization - "asking" is not our focus, nor our purpose. We are an orphanage. Accepting little ones in and offering a place of protection, an opportunity for health and growth. We seek to be a sanctuary for the children, a place to celebrate the good things of God's grace.

Donations are as unique as the giver. For some, a donation may be the $5 from bypassing the morning coffee shop. For others, it may be an offering from a recent real estate sale. We have seen and received physical donations, like shoes, medical supplies, hand-sewn dresses, tractors, trucks, and yes - even farm animals.

We believe the Lord prompts and directs the giver. Every donation is joyfully received and sincerely appreciated by our children - even the "widows mite" honors the Lord and brings hope to the children.

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