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Wellington, Ohio, USA  |  Gainesville, Florida, USA




The Haller Orphanage was founded in 1939 by protestant missionaries to the DRC, Archie & Ella Haller with their young daughter Geneva. They recognized a need to take in local children that had lost their parents to severe illness or death and were unwanted by extended family. What began as one child rescued (Jason), became dozens, averaging between 50 to 100 children at any given time.


Archie died a few years later leaving Ella and Geneva to decide whether to stay or return to the U.S. Their dedication to, and love for the children won, and they remained in the remote Instheum village area for decades until their deaths. 

In 1953, twin boys were brought to the orphanage. Ella and Geneva took them in and raised them as their own. Although revolutions occured, even displacing them back to the states for a brief time, the Hallers always returned to the orphanage to care for the children and teach Christ.

One of those twin boys, Gary Haller, continues the Haller Orphanage legacy today. 



Gary Haller, after working in the states for years and returning to the orphanage as he could, now lives there to help care for the children, grow leaders within the community, and aid in growing the village church. He seeks to gain support from the village, fellow nationals, and overseas connections. It is a arduous and challenging task. Although one that God has certainly equipped him for and continues to provide strength, wisdom, and stamina to pursue. 

Today, the Haller Orphanage is rebuilding. After years of enduring various revolutions and dwindling environmental resources, the orphanage is beginning to come alive again. With the love and support of a handful of people, and the hard work of adult orphans that owe their very lives to the care received in years past, the community of Christ is coming together to provide and sustain. 

With approximately 60 children to feed, cloth, teach, care for, and raise-up knowing Jesus Christ within the church, Gary Haller and the Haller Orphanage family of caregivers, prayer warriors and supporters could use your help. Will you join us on this mission? We invite you to become part of the Haller family. Contact us today!


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